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Please feel free to use these points of interst in your personalized comments to DENR regarding the Mining Modification permit.


Send comments with subject line 'Brickhaven Mining Modification' to 




Dr. Kenneth Taylor

Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources

1612 Mail service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1612

1) It’s not really a mine reclamation, which means that such old clay mines would be treated so that buildings or parks could be built on top of them.  It’s a toxic coal ash land fill.


2) DENR is breaking its own laws to protect the environment by issuing these permits. 


3) The people living near and along train and truck transportation routes are in danger of the coal ash dust coming off the trucks, ruining lawns, gardens, farm animals, household pets, causing children wanting to play outside to be kept indoors; making us sick and killing us slowly.


4) We need air monitors near the site, along the travel routes.


5) Coal ash is dangerous.  People are dying around the coal ash dumps and ponds all over NC.


6) What is Duke doing, shifting one big problem onto other counties and towns so they’ll have problems, too? 


7) why has Duke/Charah chosen two places in Lee and Chatham where many low-income, rural, and African American people live?


8) the plastic liners are a joke.  They can tear or be wrinkled in installation; little rocks and hard pieces of coal can penetrate them; the seals can break; 12 kinds of bacteria can eat them.  They do not last 400 years.



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Groups file legal challenge to Duke Energy's coal ash dumping plans...  Read the press release.

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